The Sunshine Coast, Australia: Noosa.

After the Gold Coast, we spent two days in Brisbane before heading up to the Sunshine Coast; most notably Noosa. As we are flying out of Brisbane in July and have another few days there at the end of our time in Australia, I have decided to consolidate both visits to the city into one post. If anyone has any recommendations of things to do in Brisbane therefore, please do tell!
Anyway back to the current post. There are three main areas that make up Noosa – Noosa Junction, Noosa Heads and Noosaville. We found a lovely campsite in the latter which was right next to the river and close to the areas main centre, which has some wonderful cafes along the front.

Noosa Heads is where most of the action is however, as this is where the main beach lies. We walked about half an hour from our campsite to Noosa Heads as we don’t mind the exercise but you could easily drive or catch a bus.

The centre of Noosa Heads is swanky and up market while still managing to uphold a beachy laid back vibe, making it my favourite beachside stop so far in Australia. There are so many cafes and bistros that I wish I had enough money to check out and the multiple gelato places (go to Massimo’s at the far end of Hastings Street near the Info centre) are to die for! I had an ice-cream every day that we were at the beach and I’m not even guilty.

The beach itself in Noosa is something else. Now don’t get me wrong, you’d be hard pressed to find a beach on the east coast that wasn’t gorgeous but for some reason Noosa’s really captured my attention. For one the beach is big, with large expanses of sand and loads of room to sunbathe without feeling crowded, but I think the main reason was the atmosphere. Families and groups strolled along the boardwalk at the top of the beach, eating sandwiches and ice-creams while spending quality time with one another. People flit in and out of their minimalist holiday apartments straight on to the sand and there’s even a professional sand artist that impresses the crowds with gravity defying creations.

There’s so much going on, but without it leaving you feeling overwhelmed. You can really take it all in, relax, and wish that you could win the lottery and move there permanently. We had five nights here but as we did an overnight trip to Fraser Island, we only actually had two full days in Noosa itself; I think this may have to be one of our stop offs on the way back down to Brisbane!

One thought on “The Sunshine Coast, Australia: Noosa.

  1. What an amazing time you are having I’m so jealous 👍 -These beaches look amazing – I think I’d pitch a tent and stay 😂🤣 – travel safe xx


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