Melbourne, Australia.

Dropping back the hire car at midday, we caught a free shuttle back to airport where we organised our journey into the centre of Melbourne. The Sky Bus is a great option and costs $19 AUD for a one way ticket into the city. We were headed downtown to the St Kilda area so got dropped there before catching a tram to our Air BnB apartment. Melbourne’s public transport system runs off of a ‘Myki’ card, (like an Oyster card) a top-up transport card which you can purchase for $6 from any 7/11 (and other) convenience store. It took us half an hour of huffing and puffing to realise this and get ourselves sorted as this isn’t that obvious to tourists.

Our two days in Melbourne were filled with exploration of the city’s nooks and crannies, as well as the more well known landmarks. We wandered down the famous graffitied laneways, where we were treated to an Anzac Day tribute piece, strode the length and breadth of Federal Square and went to check out the little slice of rural England nestled in the Fitzroy Gardens. A tiny cottage, taken from England and re-erected in the heart of the city was apparently owned by the parents of Captain Cook. At such a juxtaposition to its surroundings it really a sight!

Federation Square
Anzac day graffiti tribute

Historic building encased in shopping centre

We spent our evenings running down to the nearby lake to join other joggers of a variety of abilities and watched the sun set over the city skyline. On our last night we even arranged to go and watch the Penguin Parade (a whole post coming next), which was one of my favourite experiences – I absolutely love seeing animals that you would normally see only in the zoo in the wild.

Melbourne is a colourful, metropolitan monopoly of culture, history and the hustle bustle of corporate life. It is definitely not a place to miss out on, as many do when flying straight into Sydney to travel the east coast!

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