Adelaide, Australia. 

We drove into Adelaide on the morning of 22nd April to bright blue sky and gorgeous sunshine, making a stop at the Botanic Gardens before heading to our Air BnB. We spent two blissful hours walking through brightly flourishing flower beds, around lakes and ponds and exploring vast rainforest greenhouses.

We arrived at our Air BnB at around 1pm which was roughly a 45 minute walk from the centre of town, on Henley Beach Road. Over the next few days we found some great parks around this area which were perfect for an afternoon run, walk or bike ride. While the walk into the city was admittedly long (maybe more due to the fact that it was along one straight road and made for a boring journey), there were regular buses that you could catch which would take 10 minutes or so.

We had one day where rain dominated and as a result we didn’t end up doing much, however we did get to explore a lot of the city including the city centre and some of the shopping malls. We also visited the central market, which is the largest in South Australia and sat and ate lunch while being mesmerised by the amount of parrots flying around. Honestly they are like pigeons here and it makes for a very colourful bench-side viewing.

While we enjoyed Adelaide, there isn’t that much to do within the city centre itself and we had already driven so much enroute that we didn’t fancy venturing out of the city to some of the other surrounding attractions. If the weather is nice, Henley Beach and the surrounding coves sound lovely and there is also a wildlife park that is around an hours drive from Adelaide. We left glad to have made the extra journey up to the city but also grateful to be heading back to Melbourne, where for us the real adventure would begin!

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