Day 28 & 29, Kiwi Experience: Lake Tekapo.

We spent another whole day in Queenstown before hopping back on the main Kiwi bus route to Lake Tekapo. We stayed in a beautiful campsite park right in front of the lake and were able to take strolls along the water at a whim.

Lake Tekapo is famous for its unrivalled view of the heavens and has an observatory on top of a huge mountainous hill that overlooks the tiny town. As we had less than 24 hours here, we headed off to climb said hill almost as soon as we arrived and it took us around an hour and a half to walk up and back again. The top had spectacular views (as almost every climb in New Zealand has had) but was so unbelievably windy that I honestly thought I would be blown away! There’s a great star gazing bench up there along with the observatory and I kind of wish we had waited until nightfall.

We didn’t pay to go to the observatory due to the steep price but we did decide to walk the ten minutes into the town centre to get late night chocolate (a bad habit I seem to have got into of late) and looking up was enthralling. I have never seen stars quite like it and it was such a clear night and a great way to end such a great day!

4 thoughts on “Day 28 & 29, Kiwi Experience: Lake Tekapo.

  1. Okay, so I’m all caught up on your posts now (sorry for the comment spam!) and am loving all of them! Planning to go to NZ in November for about 6 weeks but have no idea what’s to see – you’ve inadvertently become my unofficial trip planner through your posts.


    1. Omg this is so exciting! Definitely ask your aunt about places too because apparently the Kiwi Experience take you to some dumb places! If you can I would say try and do the Tongariro crossing in Taupo because the views on a good day are insane. Also Franz Josef is amazing. We paid a lot for the heli hike because yolo but you can also do cheaper helicopter rides up there and there’s this walk that you can do (5 hour return) but it takes you to an amazing view point of it or a shorter one (1.5 return) that will take you to the base of the glacier and they’re free! I also really loved qt just for the sheer amount of food. I got very fat there. Be prepared to pay around 30 dollars a night for a dorm if not staying with family! The main hostels are base and nomads and they are both shitholes most of the time so if you can get some good deals on Agoda stay somewhere else 🙂 Also if you go to Wellington the museum is insane and is free and includes an exhibit about Maori culture specifically. I can’t wait to read up about your trip there! (When I’m home and suffocating in job applications wishing I was anywhere but England)


      1. Hahaha yeah, I’ll definitely ask her! Although she hasn’t been back since she moved here more than 25 years ago, so not sure if some of her recommendations will have expired by now!

        One of my friends from India is moving over there to study in Hamilton (near-ish Rotorua apparenty) so I’m going to stay with him for a week or so (free accommodation, yay!) until his term ends, do a bit of weekend exploring around that area and then when he’s done with school go off on a big adventure around the rest of North Island and onto the South. I’m so excited, I didn’t even know I wanted to ever go there until he said he was moving and then I was all like “Yup, expect a visitor!”
        Definitely gonna be taking in all of your recommendations, and avoiding the places you’ve mentioned weren’t worth it.
        Also, I’m not going to reply back to you on every single one of your posts because the notifications would kill you haha, but the glacier is now top of my bucket list!


      2. Honestly the glacier hike was an ‘OMG pinch me’ – I nearly cried on the helicopter (typical over emotional me). Free accommodation is the one! Get ready to wake up a hell of a lot of hills and love every second of the views once you’re up there! I’m Queenstown you have to try a ‘ferg burger’ – so good and there is also a sweet shop which hands down has the best fudge in every single flavour imaginable with free tasting (winner) also mrs fergs icecream is pretty epic and there’s a cookie muncher bar which is warm cookie heaven. Expect to eat your way through your budget just there and remember that dominos is only 5 dollars our there… how could you want anything more?!


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