Day 13, Kiwi Experience: The Day That Went Very Wrong.

We didn’t get an early night and ended up going to bed at around midnight, only to wake up the following morning at 7:55am; the bus left at 7:15am.

After jumping out of bed and running around the room panicking, we packed all of our stuff up and headed to the ferry terminal with the hope of catching up with our group, to no avail. The ferry had left just minutes before and we were forced to pay an extortionate amount to return to our hostel with our tails between our legs. I spent the rest of the morning phoning our hostel booking to cancel our nights reservation and making sure the Kiwi Experience had room for us on the next bus the following day. Thankfully they did and the guy on the phone even waived the $100 fine we were meant to incur for missing the bus. Every cloud.

What’s more annoying is that we both set alarms and neither of them went off… there must be some skullduggery at work somewhere; either that or we were too tired and lost all capability (that is also possible).

We did however make the most of this unexpected day in Wellington. I dragged Matt to see Beauty and the Beast, which even he agreed was a very well made film (I loved it) and then visited a low cost clothes store so that I could buy some leggings to wear as the weather here gets colder. My mum is officially ringing me at 6am tomorrow to make sure I’m awake and hopefully we make the next bus!

Although it was annoying to miss our scheduled trip, there is something about doing everyday things abroad like the cinema, that make you feel a bit more normality than youre used to while travelling.

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