Day 12, Kiwi Experience: Wellington.

Arriving into Wellington at 6pm, we were glad to see some familiar faces from previous buses! We spent the evening catching up and grabbing our free hostel pie dinner before hitting the sack ready for our day in the Kiwi Capital.

We had the best lie in (something I haven’t done since Thailand) and then headed to New Zealand’s national museum, the Te Papa Tongarewa is a huge 6 floored complex of amazing exhibits, most of which are free! Everything from the history of New Zealand’s part in WW1, to Maori culture and the animals of the country; both native and introduced. It has got to be one of the most interesting museums I have ever been to and we spent a good 3-4 hours wandering around the different floors.

We then got the famous cable car just for the laughs, before coming straight back down due to the rain that had hammered the city all day. Our friends had walked through the botanic gardens the day before and highly recommended it, however with wet feet and damp clothes I didn’t really feel like extending our adventure.

We had a very quiet evening in with a Harry Potter film and a hell of a lot of chocolate with the plan to get an early night for an equally early start tomorrow!

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