Day 3: A 14km Hike & the Return to Auckland.

We had a bit more time in Paihia as our bus didn’t pick us up until 2.30pm, so myself and Matt decided to go on a walk up to the local Waterfall. Our guide to Cape Reigna the day before had given us rough directions to the path and we headed out of the centre of town around 10am. After about 3km we arrived at the entrance to the footpath, which would take us through the forest and would eventually lead out to the falls. We walked the 5km in good time and within that had some great sights of the river and surrounding environment.

The Waterfall itself was a little underwhelming compared to what we have already seen during our travels however we had been stuck on a bus for such long periods over the past 48 hours that we were both glad to get out into the fresh air!

Conscious of time, we managed to power walk the 5km back in around 45 minutes which I amazed at and then leisurely strolled back to our hostel through town.

Later that afternoon, we headed back to Auckland for the night ready for the next leg of the journey. While I was less than impressed to be back in Auckland, we did go out for drinks with a few of our bus companions which was a great laugh!

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