Kiwi Experience Day 1: Dolphin Spotting at the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

We were picked up by the bus at 7.30am on 18th March to begin our Kiwi Experience, and headed straight to our first destination the ‘Bay of Islands’ in the north of the North Island. The journey took around 4-5 hours with a couple of stop offs for the toilet, food and to look at a waterfall.

We had the choice of a few afternoon activities at the Bay of Islands and we chose a boat trip to ‘Hole in the Rock’, which included Dolphin Spotting, a visit to the famous ‘Hole on the Rock’ and a short stop at an island with a great viewpoint from the top of the surrounding hills. When we first arrived at the bay we checked into our hostel and grabbed some lunch before heading to the pier for our trip. We saw so many bottle nosed dolphins from the boat which was amazing as I have never seen them before and the island we visited was so tranquil, with some great views across the rest of the bay! We also saw some rocks made from hardened lava and got to sail through the ‘Hole in the Rock’. Overall it was a great start to our trip.

That evening we grabbed a BBQ at the hostel, which included steak, sausage, salad, a jacket potato and a glass of wine or beer and chatted to some of our new bus mates for a couple of hours before heading to bed around half past 10. The next day we were heading to Cape Reigna and had a very early start!

One thought on “Kiwi Experience Day 1: Dolphin Spotting at the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

  1. That sounds like a memorable day out – I’ve never seen dolphins (of any kind) in the wild, though that didn’t stop us trying when we were in Hong Kong, but to no avail. The ‘Hole in the Rock’ takes me back to GCSE Geography!! Looking forward to touring New Zealand from my sofa via your posts! 🙂


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