Satisfying all 5 Senses – Our Last Night in Vietnam.

For our final night in Ho Chi Minh and our last in Vietnam as a whole, we wanted to do something specially to end the country on a high; especially as we spent Valentine’s Day on an 8 hour sleeper bus!

We looked up some of the many sky bars in the city and finally decided on the ‘Chill Sky Bar’, which was relatively close to our hotel. We got there at around 6.30, and were shown up to the 26th floor, where we had a table waiting for us on the sky terrace. In the early evenings most of the Sky bars have a happy hour of some sort on, where they have a number of drinks going cheaper than normal. We ordered two cocktails and began to enjoy the city views.

Although the building wasn’t overly high, especially by the standards of London, the views were absolutely stunning by night. All of the organised chaos below were reduced to twinkling moving lights and it was so peaceful to be up out of the way of it all!

When our cocktails arrived I was in heaven; they were hands down the most well-presented drinks I have ever seen, and the best tasting! For the next two hours we took photos, chatted and enjoyed the atmosphere – I don’t think I’ve been that relaxed since we’ve been travelling!

Afterwards we went to dinner and in true Caroline style I picked out a local burger joint that rated highly on TripAdvisor. Soul Burger is situated near the market and is on the first floor of a building, tucked away down an alley. We shared the nicest homemade onion rings and I had a black bean burger with avocado, cheese and salsa verde while Matt had a beef burger with bacon, cheese and a fried egg. Obviously we also had fries! My burger was sooo good and Matt also said his rated highly! If you find yourself in Ho Chi Minh and are missing western food, THIS is the place to go!

We had the best end to our time in Vietnam. It has been a country that has touched my heart in so many ways, from the kindness of the people to the way that they have conquered adversity. We have seen every kind of landscape and weather type, along with some of the most breathtaking landmarks I have ever seen. We have experienced local culture and also felt a touch of home here and there. This has been my favourite country so far and I am so excited to see what Cambodia has to offer.

One thought on “Satisfying all 5 Senses – Our Last Night in Vietnam.

  1. I really need to finish my Vietnam write up – it’s been 9 months! Still, I love reading blogs – particular ones like this that follow a similar story 🙂 Inspirational, thank you.


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