The Day We Rented Scooters (sorry mum & dad)

It was pretty inevitable if I’m honest and I think we had done pretty well to hold off in previous locations, opting to take local buses and tours. However many of Hue’s sights are situated outside the city centre, and any tours would have set us back $20 each, compared to the $6 dollars for the scooter rental and petrol.
Anyway enough of the explanation, I did it and I am alive to tell the tale (although there were times I did wonder), but despite being scared shitless almost the entire time it was one of the most fun days I have had so far. Sorry not sorry.

We rented scooters along with another lovely couple that we met on many a public transport ride and finally accepted the fact that we would keep seeing one another along the way! They had rented bikes once before so we felt confident following their lead. The bike we rented were pretty beaten up, but that may be just as well as Matt proceeded to drop it whilst trying to turn around at the end of the road. I let him go up and down the street a few times to get the hang of it and then jumped on the back (as if I could trust myself on a moped by myself). Credit to him he was an amazing driver and we took it slowly, and once we got out of the madness of the city the roads were so quiet and rural it was an easy drive.

The sights we visited turned out to be nothing special in themselves (royal tombs and Perfume Pagoda) but the scenery around us was breathtaking. We rode past bright green rice paddies, clear blue rivers and farmers going about their daily lives. It was amazing to have a day of our own itinerary, that gave us complete freedom to explore the Vietnamese countryside. I honestly feel that as semi-dangerous as it was, we would never have seen the things we did without those scooters!
Karma definitely hit me in the face literally though when I realised how sunburnt I was by the end of the day!

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