Kuang Si Waterfall, Luang Prabang, Laos.

This was by far the highlight of our time in Luang Prabang, with Matt even saying that it was the best day of his life (somehow I don’t think this is strictly true but we’ll go with it).

We decided to book onto a tour visit to the falls as it saved a bit of money, however our minibus arrived at 14.30 and we were told to be back by 5; this ended up being nowhere near enough time and on hindsight I wish we had spent the whole day at the falls.

We first walked up the main tiers that were open to the public and got some beautiful shots of the crystal blue waters, the walk up to these was intense with an almost vertical rocky terrain to scramble up but the views from the top were worth it!

Although the well-trodden tourist areas are beautiful, as we descended I felt a little deflated. I’d been to Erawan falls in Thailand a few years ago and they by far outstripped what we had seen at Kuang Si. On our way up we had seen a pathway with a ‘no entry’ sign across it, and a couple climbing through a human sized hole in the fence. So we decided that on our way back to the minibus we would check it out; and I’m so bloody glad we did!

After a rather treacherous and steep climb (now we know why it said no entry), we emerged at the most beautiful plunge pool half way up the falls. The water was bright blue and for twenty minutes we had our own private natural infinity pool to explore. The photos really do not do it justice! For once the ‘goody two shoes’ in my was so glad we broke the rules a little!

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