Negative No 1. – Sleeping Buddies 

Last night we stayed at a cute hostel called Chang Home Guest House; for only £2.50 per person per night it was a pretty sweet deal. A bed in a 4 man dorm, a beautiful oriental-style garden and cats (this is always a winner in my book). Unfortunately no one can predict who you might be sharing said dorm room with; and therein lies the risks of backpacking on a budget.

There I was, finally drifting off to sleep at 4am when our fourth member of our room staggers in; smelling like a cross between a brewery and a sewer. ‘I’m drunk!’ he exclaims, ‘I’ve had too much to drink!’ – yeah no shit Sherlock.

Our middle-aged friend then tries and fails three times to climb up onto the bunk above me, before finally launching himself onto the mattress with such force that I’m surprised the bed didn’t give way. For the next 3 and a half hours we were treated to a mixture of farts, snores, murmurs of ‘I’m fucking freezing’ and many, many loo trips.

It’s safe to say that we checked out this morning with no plans to spend another night with our grey haired buddy. We are now in a hostel down the road which has little to no character, however we do have a private room and I can hopefully get some sleep tonight, to try and get rid of this God-awful cold that has managed to hitch a ride with me to Thailand.

One thought on “Negative No 1. – Sleeping Buddies 

  1. Wow, well I guess £2.50 brings it’s risks! I always had good company in hostels… the majority are somewhat respectful…


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