Enroute to Chiang Mai

I am currently writing this 7 hours into our train journey to Chiang Mai. The train ride hasn’t been as bad as I thought it might have been so far, with the air-con working perfectly and lots of leg space; if only airplanes had such luxuries! Included in our mere £15 each train ticket price, we have also been given regular snacks, a lunch and numerous drinks. You don’t get this kind of service in the U.K.! The only downside is that the train is extremely rickety, with my FitBit currently recording my steps to be over 10 times the reality. Let’s just say this makes going for a wee fascinatingly challenging.
While I was initially disappointed that the sleeper train was full; part of me is glad that we have taken a day train across the country. Each place we stop at is different and it’s great to see a small glimmer of a Thai town or village that hasn’t been descended upon by tourists. From the rice paddies to the jungle, it’s amazing how diverse this country is in its scenery and while I have only been sat on a train I have enjoyed my day immensely!

3 thoughts on “Enroute to Chiang Mai

  1. That’s pretty rickety if your fitbit is recording steps for just sitting on a train! That is pretty awesome service though… I was surprised when I was on a train in India, and being served a full meal… it felt like first class service.

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    1. It was extremely bumpy! It does feel surreal having a meal served on a standard class train! Would love to visit India one day!

      Thank you! 🙂

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