Bangkok, Thailand – Day 3

After a slight panic about how much money we were spending last night, we decided to have a cheap last day in the capital. I looked up free things to do in Bangkok and saw that the Golden Mount was one of them. We decided not to take public transport today and walked 30 minutes to the site. This was great as it allowed us to stop where we pleased to stroll around parks and other locations that caught our eye along the way!

Golden Mount is a monument which has a number of historic stories. The Mount itself is an artificial hill that was constructed when a former King attempted to build an elevated chedi. This collapsed due to soft earth and the mound was left untouched until decades later a small chedi was successfully built at the top, which has gradually had other things added to it to create the temple and mount walls. Turns out my online source lied and entry was 20 baht for tourists, but we still went up and had a look and it was worth it; if only for the walk and the view of the city!

We then walked on for another 20 minutes to find a temple made from marble, and Anantasamakhom palace; both of which were a bit of a disappointment, before heading back to Banglamphu where our hostel is based. So far today with breakfast, lunch and one activity we have spend under £5 each and walked 10km!

I feel like we’ve explored quite a number of districts in Bangkok using lots of different methods of transport. Tomorrow I won’t be posting as we are catching an 11 hour train to Chiang Mai at 8.30am so I don’t think I’ll have anything to write about!

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