The World on My Back: Channelling my inner tortoise. 

So it turns out I’m pretty awful at getting around to publishing things; this is a blog post that I wrote on my way to the airport, before excitement completely set in and I forgot. 

After a very stressful morning, I am currently on my way to the airport and can finally write this post that I was meant to write days ago, but as it turns out I was ill and had a lot going on!

As I mentioned in my previous post, this Christmas has been a blur! I’ve spent time with all of my friends and family and have had a great time, however I have also been super stressed; and packing my backpack has been one of the cruxes of this. 

To put it plainly, I am not a light packer and never have been. I’m the kind of girl who goes for a sleepover and turns up with enough for a week – you know, just in case. I’m the person who looks at something I’ve never worn and thinks ‘you know what I think that might come in handy’ and shoves it in anyway. And I definitely know that 10 tshirts is way too much for a backpack but I really don’t want to lose the white one, or the grey one; because hey a girl has got to have a choice! 

Once I have settled into the backpacking routine I promise I’m fine, it’s just getting there that’s the issue. I’m not kidding when I say that the hardest thing I’ve had to do today is cut my nails and take my polish off; my fingers have gone from slender to stubby sausages. Pathetic I know. 

Anyway I’ve managed to fit everything in! Walking is a little bit of an issue as I look like a hunched OAP, but I figure once I’m there I will be able to even the weight out with my boyfriend (who I’m sure has packed a lot lighter than I have!). 

It feels weird to know that this bag is my home for the next 7 months! Bring it on! 

2 thoughts on “The World on My Back: Channelling my inner tortoise. 

  1. Overpacking is better than underpacking! That way you can shed your skin like a snake and not have to panic buy ill-fitting clothes because you’ve run out. 😉


    1. That is very true, although I’m slightly regretting packing so much; our hostel room is currently covered in clothes. Also my dad packed my bag; no clue how I’m going to repack it by myself! I’m useless


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