The Night Before: Last Minute Jitters (or not)

Just as fast as it came, Christmas has gone for another year and here we arein 2017! Lots of bloggers are currently writing their year in review, or reflecting back on how 2016 has treated them. I however am looking forward, as in less than 24 hours time I will be on my way to Gatwick airport to start my 7 month backpacking adventure! (If you would like to find out where I am going, check out my blog post ‘It’s booked! (& I could pee with excitement!)’ ).

I have been busy in the days since Christmas getting everything ready – and there is so much to get ready! Flights to check in to, confirmations to print, last minute bits to buy and of course the dreaded packing (more on that in my next post!). I’ve gone from stressed, to excited, to worried and now that I’m getting ready for my last night in my bed I’m at peace with the beginning of my trip; kind of like on the day of an exam when you think ‘I’ve done all I can’. I’ve packed and repacked my bag soooo many times and I’ve written endless checklists; and I’m fine with the fact that I will still get in that plane thinking ‘damn I forgot that’. 

I’m sure tomorrow I will be a mess because I’m a control freak but right now I feel as ready and prepared as I can be. It all feels a bit surreal that tomorrow I will be on a plane watching ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’! (Yes I have looked up the film list – who doesn’t?!) 

One thought on “The Night Before: Last Minute Jitters (or not)

  1. Oh my goshhh, so exciting!!! Hope you have an absolute blast Caroline! I’m sure you will but y’know, good wishes and all that! 😀 xx


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