Have a Holly Jolly Christmas…

For countless months I have been looking forward to spending Christmas at home and I’m finally here! This is the one month when living in a small Victorian gardener’s cottage has its perks; cosy fires, rustic decorations and the soft lighting of fairy lights is the perfect surrounding for the festive period. Team this with winter dog walks, catch-ups with friends, and family get-togethers, I have the recipe for a great Christmas before I go away.


This Christmas I have got quite a jam-packed schedule; as most people do around this time of year- but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Like most families, we have our own little traditions that happen most years and it’s these that I look forward to the most.

If I am a little quiet over the next week or so it is because I am attempting to chill out over the holidays while simultaneously organising myself ready for the new year! I will however be publishing a post about my backpack packing nightmare, as well as how I am feeling running up to the big day!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas (for those that celebrate this holiday) and thank you for following my tiny little blog! It honestly means so much when I look at those stats; no matter how small!

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