Happy Birthday To Me!

Today has been a good day. I’ve turned 24 (maybe not so great as I’m pretty sure that means I now have to adult), been out for the day with my boyfriend and parents and am now looking forward to an Italian meal out this evening! I have been thouroughly spoiled with lots of lovely things from friends and family – including lots of travel must haves which are going to be a god send! (Think waterproof bags, travel laundry detergent and a hell of a lot of deet). Most of all though I’ve managed to chill out a little. Yesterday I started to panic profusely after realising it is in fact only 3 weeks until the big departure day and I still had tonnes of things to organise, including travel insurance. Today both my Caxton FX card and our passports from the Vietnam Embassy came in the post (thank god!) so that is two major stresses out of the way! Tomorrow will be all systems go in order to get the rest of the major things in line before Christmas! How I always let myself get so far behind I will never know! 

One thought on “Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. Happy slightly belated birthday! 24 is definitely the best age to be right now 😉
    As for falling behind with everything, I’m sure it’ll all fall into place just in time!


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