Leaving A Life Behind: Saying goodbye to Exeter after 4 years.

I’ve always prided myself for my cold, cold heart. I’m not one for heart-felt goodbyes and am a firm believer that you will make friends wherever you are in life. I have a few special friends from each period of my life so far, however I know they will always be there. I’ve never been terribly homesick either. However today that changed.

Over the last two weeks I have said goodbye to a huge number of people. I left my main job at the University of Exeter on 30th November and yesterday I finished my last shift at the restaurant that I’ve worked in for 3 and a half years. And as I was stood there at the bar, being showered with an amazing goodbye gift, shotting mint imperial vodka and having a big group hug, I felt myself well up. These wonderful people have become a family to me over the last three years; especially since I’ve lived with a lot of them long term as well. Not seeing them everyday almost seems wrong, never working in that incredible family run reasturant ( if you’re ever in Exeter, Harry’s will never disappoint) again seems wrong, and knowing that I will probably never live in Exeter again is just plain weird. I went to uni here, met my boyfriend here, built a life here for 4 years and know the city like the back of my hand. While it’s been a rollercoaster and sometimes I’ve absolutely hated it, I wouldn’t have changed my time in Devon for the world and there’s a feeling of immense sadness hanging over me. 

This morning I went to get my last travel jabs, walked around the city centre for the last time, packed my room up into my mum’s car, said goodbye to a very special group of people and balled my eyes out. I think finally for the first time in my life I know how it feels to start a new journey and leave another one behind. 

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