Travel Money Cards – Which one?! 

So I’m currently having the dilemma of trying to find a travel money card to take away with me. I’m planning on taking my debit card and credit card for emergencies (I always seem to have card catastrophes when I travel) and now I need to decide on a travel money card; and fast.

When I’ve travelled before I’ve used a Post Office travel card and cannot say I was too impressed. I found it really difficult to know how much was on the card, lots of places refused to accept it as a method of payment, and when I was in dire need of it in Thailand after my debit card was swallowed by an ATM, it didn’t even bloody work. Safe to say I’ve ruled that one out!

However there are so many others to choose from and I really have no idea where to start! Lots of friends have used the Caxton FX but I’ve also recently come across a few blogger reviews of the Revolut card, which looks amazing! If anyone has any positive of negative reviews of any travel cards I would be so grateful! 

7 thoughts on “Travel Money Cards – Which one?! 

  1. I’ve used a Caxton FX card for a couple of years now (in Canada, the USA, several countries in Europe, Hong Kong and Japan) and generally I’ve found it to be fairly good. You have to make the first “top-up” online, but after that you can use their app which is convenient – free to download, easy to use, you can check your balance easily and also current exchange rates. Confusingly though, they seem to have a couple of different systems – I can only top my card up in GBP (and Caxton FX then apply the exchange rate when I withdraw money abroad in a foreign currency), whilst my boyfriend’s Caxton FX card works differently (each of his top-ups is linked to a particular currency – e.g. 200 USD – and is then non-transferable between the other currencies he has loaded on the card. Not sure that makes sense so if you’re confused let me know!) The no-fee withdrawal is good, and I’ve never had a problem with places not accepting it (Japan was slightly different as it’s a country where cash is king, so we just had to keep finding 7-Eleven stores to withdraw cash). Just don’t pay any refundable deposits (for hostels etc.) on the card, as it can then result in your card being temporarily locked!


    1. Thank for the advice! It’s so weird that your boyfriend’s card is different from yours! I don’t know if I could handle that! I’ll definitely have a look into this as it sounds like you’ve had a really good experience with the Caxton! 🙂

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      1. It’s really weird, though it might be related to the switch from Visa to Mastercard – at one point Caxton FX offered both, but I believe it only offers Mastercard now. Either way, it’s a reliable service so worth checking out 🙂


  2. I’ve been using the same FairFX card since 2011 (not the exact the same one because it was renewed but you know what I mean haha) but I don’t know what it offers initially these days. Also have a CaxtonFX and it was pretty simple to use when I did use it, and accepted almost everywhere. For some reason Peru was the only exception. Then I forgot the pin so it proved a bit useless, but that’s my fault!

    As for Revolut, I haven’t used it myself but my ex had one when I was travelling with him and it was way too flippin’ stressful for my liking!
    He was chuffed to bits he’d found a card that seemed absolutely perfect – instant online/app top-ups, no fees etc. etc. – but what it doesn’t tell you is that when you’ve topped up a total of £750 the card locks and you have to contact Revolut with copies of your ID and passport and everything before they’ll unlock it. They’re an absolute nightmare to get hold of too! Email after email went unanswered until eventually he had to call them which cost at least £30 it was a bloomin’ long call!

    The same thing then happened to my friend in India. Her card stopped working but she thought it was just because India is funny about accepting some foreign cards. It wasn’t until I asked her what type she had and how much she’d topped up that she realised that they’d locked her down too.

    Apparently everything I just mentioned is written “in the small print” but honestly, they were both pulling their hair out! So if you do decide to go with Revolut just be careful (:


    1. Well that sounds horrifically stressful! I thought the same; it seems like the perfect travel card! Think I might stick to the Caxton as that is enough to send me into a meltdown! Thank you for that solid advice, think that may have saved me a whole lot of hassle. How is it being back in Wales? It’s freezing here in the South West; I cannot cope.


      1. Caxton is a pretty solid bet! Have you checked your options with your bank first? I know some offer free worldwide withdrawals with certain types of accounts.
        Honestly, it felt like I’d landed in the middle of Antarctica when I got off the plane and then the bus! I wanted to cry haha.


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