Paris – Our second chance at love.

My love for Paris was not initial or immediate. To say that we got off to a bad start is an understatement and for years I could never understand why people were so enthralled with a city that in my opinion, was a bit of a show-off with not much substance. I was 15 and visited Paris with my school for a long weekend. We stayed in a hostel on the outskirts of the city; which seriously lacked any personality, and quite frankly it was the weekend from hell. The metro was on strike so the city was gridlocked, it rained for the entire time, a member of our party had an allergic reaction to fish and while searching for a hospital on foot, ended up accidentally in the red light district. Safe to say that Paris and I called it quits after that fling and went our seperate ways.

Fast forward 7 years and my disdain for Paris had settled to an indifference; you know if we saw eachother in the street we’d probably say hey, and then awkwardly walk in opposite directions.

Matt’s 21st birthday was on the horizon and I wanted to do something amazing for him, and while looking for trips away I kept coming back to Paris; it wouldn’t leave me alone and before I knew it I’d booked for us to go.

And I’m so bloody glad I did. Our hotel was clean and right near both the metro and la Gare du Nord and we crammed in more than I ever thought possible. We climbed the Eiffel Tower, got a river cruise down the Seine, visited the cutest coffee shop and THE BEST icecream place you could imagine, saw the Louvre and Notre Dame, ate sooo much French onion soup, climbed the Arch de Triomphe at night to watch the Eiffel Tower light up, had dinner in a beautiful French bistro and visited the Palace of Versailles.

I completely and utterly fell in love; saw the light and finally understood how this city has stolen so many people’s hearts. The history, the landmarks, the gorgeous architecture; I was absolutely and unequivocally wrong about France’s capital. It’s a lesson to anyone that first impressions aren’t always accurate; on this occasion mine were so so out of field that I can’t even.

Has anyone else had a similar experience while travelling?

5 thoughts on “Paris – Our second chance at love.

  1. Sounds like you packed a lot into your trip! It has to be said Paris is one of those places that I’m not totally enamoured with (does that make me a terrible Francophile?!) Perhaps it’s just that there are so many other beautiful places in France that I don’t fully understand what it is about Paris that everyone else just seems to love. Aesthetically it’s gorgeous and I did enjoy visiting back in October, but it just doesn’t quite do it for me.


    1. I completely understand what you’re saying! I have the same feeling about some places I have visited; and I often think it’s maybe because I’ve not yet been to the right place of country! I’d love to hear about your favourite place in France, do you have any recommendations?

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      1. I felt the same towards Kyoto, although there were undoubtedly some stunning sites I just didn’t love it as a place. It’s funny how we have these inexplicable feelings towards places! I’d highly recommend visiting Alsace (Strasbourg, Colmar and the smaller towns along the edge of the Vosges) as it’s so picturesque – quite literally like stepping into a fairy tale and particularly stunning at Christmas! I’m currently based in Lyon, a city which tends to be overlooked but which has a gorgeous old town and lots of character (and some seriously good food!) Equally the south coast has plenty to offer – not just Nice/Cannes, but Marseille (it has a bad rep, but a lot going for it as it’s being transformed) and further along towards Montpellier. I could quite happily go on forever 🙂


  2. I’ve never been to Paris (or anywhere in France unless you count the ferry port en route home from Germany!) and honestly it has never ever ever appealed to me! France has always been THE country I’ve always said I’d never step foot in. Paris has just always seemed way overrated from where I’m standing, but recently reading everyone’s blogposts I think I’m starting to come around and something inside of me is telling me I MUST go there, if only for Disneyland haha!
    I felt the same way about Germany! I went with the school choir and just remember it being cold and snowy and annoying. Went back when I was on my year abroad in Italy and absolutely LOVED it!


    1. It’s weird because Paris has always seemed overrated to me as well, but when we went I got in touch with a few people who were there on a year abroad and they were able to give me advice on certain areas and restaurants etc. that maybe weren’t as touristy as we would have otherwise gone; I think that’s maybe what partly swung it! Seeing the city in a little more authentic way as well as everything else.


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