Happy Halloween!!

I’ve never been someone to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve (apart from carving myself a pumpkin, which always gets very competitive), however for me it signals the start of winter and the lead up to Christmas! I love this time of year and how festive everyone gets; you can almost feel the UK’s spirit lifting as we creep towards December. 

This is the good part of winter, the exciting, festive, let’s pray for snow winter. Let’s face it, anything after New Years Eve is dreary and depressing in the UK – cue the 7 months of travelling! 

This is the time of year that everyone starts asking what I would like for my December birthday and Christmas. And every single year I have no idea, especially this year as winter boots and coats are out of the question. I’ve been thinking about things that I could take travelling with me without them costing the earth, that will be useful, and that aren’t going to me me look like a thief’s dream. 

If anyone has any gadgets or items that they cannot live without when backpacking I would love to know!  

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!

  1. A good portable phone charger! If you plan on taking your phone obviously…
    I’m that cheapskate who bought a crappy £5 little thing from Primark or somewhere equally as ill-equipped to sell decent electronics and it broke after 1 charge. Have bought 3 more just as cheap and just as crap since then and with the money I’ve spent should have just got one of the fancy ones that actually work. Forever living in regret!
    Also, a sleeping bag liner has proven to be an absolute lifesaver on every single trip I’ve ever taken.


    1. This is such a good shout!! A portable phone charger would be a life saver! Will definitely look into a snazzy one. Such simple things that didn’t even cross my mind! 🙂

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