A Weekend of Planning – 15 weeks to go.

The last week has been both productive and expensive in terms of my travel planning. I’ve decided to finally get my bum in gear as with only 15 weeks to go, everything is getting rather real! This week I have:

Gone to visit my GP about travel jabs:

I plucked up the courage to go and speak to a nurse about what jabs I would need to travel with. Turns out the answer is quite a few. Apparently I need boosters for Tetanus, Typhoid and Diphtheria ( I was told I could have these there and then but I politely declined) and then was advised to get vaccinations for Rabies and Hepatitis B. Unfortunately, my former GP decided it was good idea to give me two vaccinations for Hep A, so instead of getting a free of charge combined Hep A & B vaccine I now have to pay £90 for my Hep B; not a happy bunny. All in all I will be getting stabbed a grand total of 9 times between now and December for the bargain of £180. Lovely.

Booked my vaccinations:

As well as attending my travel consultation, I have also booked appointments to have all of my vaccinations. Woo.

Paid off my flights in full:

I have now paid for all of my flights in full; so there is no going back now! I paid half of my share by card and half in cash. I may have looked like a bit of a drug lord but I felt like a baller.

Booked the Kiwi Trail:

We think that for Australia we may want to hire or buy our own car or camper for part of our time, but we hadn’t really thought about how to get around New Zealand. We finally decided to book the Kiwi experience to take the stress and cost out of our travel across the country. We bought the ‘Kitchen Sink’ which is the most comprehensive route available and this cost us around £550 pounds.

Begun to organise Visas:

We have now researched all of our visas for the various countries we are visiting and know roughly what we need to do for each of them. Obtaining them is one of my next admin jobs in the coming weeks!

Bought toothbrush holders:

Silly I know, but they were only a pound each and there’s nothing I hate more than your toiletries exploding onto your toothbrush. It’s also one of those pathetic things that makes you think ‘I’ve got this, I’m bossing the travel prep right now’ – whatever you say Caroline, whatever you say.

Next on my list of to-do’s:

  • Organise and obtain visas
  • Book hostel accommodation in Chiang Mai so that we can notify the Elephant sanctuary.
  • Book our time in Fiji – we have been looking to book something with Awesome Fiji, which would include all of our meals, accommodation and activities. We want Fiji to be our ‘no stress’ part to our trip and seeing as everywhere seems to be super expensive, it may make sense to book something like this.

3 thoughts on “A Weekend of Planning – 15 weeks to go.

  1. I don’t know if you’ve already started your jabs but if I were you I’d think looooong and hard about whether you want to fork out for the Rabies vax! You probably already know that it doesn’t provide you with immunity, just gives you an extra 24 hours to get the post-incident shot and you only have to have 2 or 3 shots should you get bitten/scratched as opposed to 5.
    Unless you really do intend to find yourself smack bang in the middle of a forest 3 days away from civilization, post-incident shots are readily available in Thailand, India, Indonesia etc. and cost a fraction of the price as the UK (I’m talking 1% of the price in some cases!).
    I’ve been on every side of this scenario – I’ve had and paid for the preventative course and fortunately didn’t have any incidents requiring any follow-up, and then when that wore off and I didn’t get a booster, I got bitten and had to have the full course overseas. I also used to work for a medical assistance company too (those people you call if you ever need to use your travel insurance for medical purposes) so have had the whole professional look on things too. So yeah, unless you’re really, really really concerned or have planned a trek into the middle of a monkey and bat infested forest with no way out, I honestly think it’s a waste of money that could be spent on much more fun things like jumping out of planes and stuff!

    And now that I’ve shoved my rabies opinion down your throat, just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award because I like your blog and you seem like a nice person and I’m really nosy when it comes to reading about other people. No shame. Anyway, here’s the link: https://walestowherever.com/2016/11/09/versatile-blogger-award/
    No pressure to join in, just a bit of fun! (: x


    1. It’s weird because when I went to Thailand before, I never even got advised to have the rabies jab but this time they seem to be insisting! I’m kind of in two minds because I’m such a hypochondriac that I would genuinely convince myself that I was dying if I got bitten and I am very much the type of person who makes friends with random fluffy things. I might look into it a bit more because I do completely see what you’re saying!
      Thank you for your kind nomination! I am so so flattered! It’s nice to know that at least one person is enjoying my blog! I will definitely join in; it’ll give me something to blog about in a rather boring time of my life!


      1. The nurse’s words to me before this trip almost word-for-word were “I wouldn’t if I were you, there’s hardly any risk out there” despite there being stray monkeys and dogs literally EVERYWHERE in Asia haha.
        You’re welcome! 😀 I love the way you write, like you’re actually talking to the people reading and not writing an article for the Mirror.


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