Namaste – Why I’m Falling in Love with Yoga.

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Anyone who knows me will agree that I am about as flexible as a steel bar. I can’t even touch my toes without bending my knees and my downward dog looks more like a drunk gorilla. However yoga is something that I have dipped in and out of over the past few years and I’m finally giving it a proper go.

Where I am currently living in Exeter, there is a yoga studio called the ‘Lotus Loft’ which runs a range of yoga and Pilates classes for all abilities. I have started going to one of their ‘body method’ sessions, run by the founder of the business Jax. It’s a session that combines yoga moves with body strength exercises; giving you a full body workout while still getting that all important zen feeling at the end.

As well as this my manager also recommended a set of YouTube videos titled ’30 days of yoga’. This is exactly what the title suggests, and is a 12-30 minute yoga video per day which focusses on stretching various parts of the body as well as teaching all of the basic yoga positions.

While my work schedule does not allow me to practise yoga everyday, I am trying to encorporate as many short sessions as I can into my routine per week. The strength and concentration needed for yoga, alongside the breathing exercises and body awareness has huge benefits l, and I am already seeing my posture and muscle tone improve – along with (hopefully) my flexibility!

Work at the moment is stressful, it’s one of our busiest times of year and sometimes it feels like you’re drowning in paperwork. But everytime I finish a yoga session, somehow all the frustrations that have built up in my brain from that day don’t seem important anymore. It’s making me relax. And trust me that’s something I need desperately right now!

I’m hoping that this is something that I will be able to carry on while I’m backpacking. Don’t get me wrong I’m fully aware I won’t be able to practise daily; but it will be nice to relax and reflect on the experiences I’ve had!

Does anyone else like yoga?

Has anyone got any food YouTube videos they use to practise yoga while travelling?

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