Update & Refresh

So you may have noticed a bit of a difference. OK, a lot of a difference with how my blog looks. Still the same little me blogging away about random crap that comes into my head, just a bit of an update and refresh to what was there previously.

When I first started blogging I didn’t know if I would keep it up. I was well aware that like most hobbies in my life, it was very likely that this would be another flash in the pan. But since April I’ve somehow managed to keep this little baby up; even though my life is not even the slightest bit interesting right now. I still get a buzz every single time I see that one person has looked at my blog, took the time to comment on or read a post. It’s a great feeling and one which I hope I always have; even if this is the peak of my traffic.

I am firm believer that things need to change in order for them to stay fresh and up to date. Just like you would never keep the same hair style that you had in secondary school (the chavvy side fringe really wasn’t a good look for me), or the same home decor as ten years ago. Blogs are the same and while I haven’t had mine up and running for long, I have been itching to change some things for a while.

So, knowing that I actually really enjoy this blogging malarkey I thought I would put a little more effort into my platform. The truth be told I was getting fed up of my free blog theme and amateur logo and if I was getting fed up of it, it would only have been a matter of time before I stopped wanting to share on a template that I didn’t actually like.

After some playing around I think I have found something I really like; a simple and minimalist logo with a neutral colour scheme and a hint of my favourite colour (pink). I have tidied up some of my menus and widgets, as well as organising my pages and blog posts into an easier to find location (hopefully anyway). I would really love to hear any feedback from you guys!

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