Travel Stresses

Everything has been stressing me out lately; work, my personal relationships and my travel plans (or lack of). Sometimes everything gets a bit much and trying to successfully work two jobs, plan 7 months of travel to multiple countries, hold down long distance friendships and romance, still attempting a social life and getting my laundry done on time is hard. 

I often romanticise things; I guess we all do. But I’m the most likely to forget the bad things that happened on a travel trip, turning around to friends months later and claiming that every single bit of my time away was amazing. The truth is that this isn’t the truth. Travel is hard at the best of times, and there will always be at least one point where you kind of wish you were in your childhood room with your teddy that you should have got rid of a good ten years ago. 

I think what I’m trying to say is nothing in life is plain sailing, no matter what us bloggers and instagrammers try and make you think. I’m currently panicking that I won’t have enough money, worrying that I’m not organised enough and knowing that right now I don’t even have enough time to unpack my weekend bag, let alone cross off the countless list of preparations I need to do. 

In a few weeks I’m sure that I’ll find a solution and claim that everything is back on track and going swimmingly. But right now I’m struggling; and that’s ok. 

3 thoughts on “Travel Stresses

  1. If you really don’t have time to do everything, just sacrifice the laundry and buy new clothes instead 😉 It’ll so be worth all the stress, hard work and everything else when you finally get on that plane ❤


  2. I’m currently waiting until it’s almost time to wear a bag and turn my underwear inside out. I did laundry at 2am the other day. If only I was Bieber and had a lifetime supply of Calvins!

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