Danger on Holiday

Just a quick side note really as we experienced something last night which was very horrible, weird and frightening. Whenever I go away, especially to typical British holiday destinations in Europe, I feel relatively safe. You’re out later than you normally would be, having dinner and therefore inevitably you end up walking home later as well. On the way home last night we had to walk past a man who dropped his trousers and was very indecent towards us in public. Thankfully we were very near home and picked up our pace before locking all of the doors in our apartment; he didn’t follow us. Yet it’s really rattled me and I’m still thinking about it today. Just because somewhere feels safe does not mean it is and you should always have your wits about you when travelling anywhere. It’s very easy to get complacent. Go with your gut instinct as it is usually correct and never take anything for granted. Be careful out there!

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