Day 4: A Visit to Pollenca’s Old Town

We seemed to have subconsciously chosen the perfect day to head into the centre of Pollenca; as while hot, today was overcast and cloudy compared to the rest of our trip so far. Heading off in the car at around 10am we made the short 10-15 minute drive to Pollenca’s old town, where we parked in a makeshift dirt carpark on the outskirts and headed into the centre on foot. Thank goodness we did because the cobbled roads get so narrow and confusing that I think we would have either got completely lost, or have had trouble parking to car!

It only took around 5 minutes to reach the centre of the old town, where every Sunday a food, flower and trinket market sets up for the day; ready to welcome tourists and locals alike. We wound around the cobbled streets, looking at the copious amounts of jewellery, silk scarves and clothing stalls that lined the walkways along with the cute shutters and ancient wooden doors of the Spanish homes on either side.

We then entered a small stepped courtyard filled with alfresco restaurants and looked above towards the 365 Calvari Steps that led off of it. These steps are hard work but oh my are they worth it for the views! With a church at the top to fiest your eyes on (unfortunately this was in scaffolding), there is a look out point with views of the whole of Pollenca and beyond. Terracotta rooftops, rolling hills, farmland and ancient buildings; from here you can see it all and it is breathtaking.

After the hike up, the stroll down was a welcome journey allowing us to notice the stunning houses and gardens that lined the famous steps; sights we failed to see during our breathless climb previously! By this point it was around midday and we decided to stop at a restaurant at the bottom of the stairs called ‘Manzanas y Peras’ or ‘Apples & Pears’ for a spot of lunch. After white sangria, bread, olives and tuna pasta salad, we were all suitably stuffed and spent an hour basking in the sun peaking through the clouds and watching people go about their business.

After our food had gone down a little, we resumed our exploring of the market, finally coming across the main square and with it the food and flower stalls. I have never seen as much colour in one place before! The fruit and veg was vibrant and huge, along with all variations of meat, bread and cheese – a foodie’s paradise! We ended up buying tomatoes, cucumber, figs, Majorcan cheese, crusty bread and cured ham to put towards dinner; paying a mere pittance for fresh, local ingredients. This is yet another reason I love travelling – local produce and country delicacies for amazing value and definitely not something that is common in the UK anymore!

We then made our way home at around 3pm, with the market packing up and having had our share of the old town. Spending the afternoon by the pool, our evening has been filled with a spread of delicious food, partnered with wine and girly chatter. A relatively early night is also in the cards as one of our party is heading off tomorrow! If you are staying in the North of Majorca, a visit to Pollenca should definitely be on your list.

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