Day 3: Sun, Sea and Mountain Goats

This morning is a new day and while I’m still very much reeling from yesterday’s EU exit, it’s very easy to pretend it hasn’t happened on this gorgeous island. Waking up mid morning, we packed our bags with the essentials of water and suncream and headed out in the car to climb the hills that surround the town of Puerto Pollenca, in search of a cove that we had read about in the lonely planet guide. The drive was admittedly terrifying, with hairpin bends and not much in the way of barriers; however once you got used to the idea it seemed to remarkably improve.

Halfway up we came across a very busy car park and decided to stop to see what all the fuss was about. We were right to take a break as the ‘fuss’ was infact a group of vantage points looking right over the cliff’s edge, down to deep blue, crystal clear waters that disappeared into the horizon almost completely untouched save for a couple of yachts mooring in the shallows. Tiny mountain goats cried to eachother and stumbled around the surrounding cliffs below us, allowing us to be witness to their natural habitats. We stayed here for a rather long time, drinking in the views before us; as well as drinking litres of water as the temperature was now up to around 32 degrees.

We then decided to collapse back into the wonderfully air-conditioned car and carried on the main track to where we hoped a cove might be found. Sure enough on the left hand side, we came across a car park signposted Cami de Cala Figuera where we parked up and began to make the very steep journey down to the beach. After half an hours walk and lots of slipping on a very ruggid path, we finally stepped down into the cove and were able to really appreciate the beauty before us. The water was some of the clearest I had ever seen; a calm lagoon of the brightest blue and I could not resist. Stripping down to my bikini in 20 seconds flat I plunged myself into the water and stayed there, swimming amongst fish and the odd private yacht, watching mountain goats climb the rocks surrounding me and feeling the sand between my toes; even hundreds of metres from the waters edge. It was breathtaking and definitely helped to cool both my body and my mind.

We are now back at the apartment, having just made ourselves a relaxing lunch and while I wish we had been able to spend the day at the cove, right now the pool side will have to do!

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